Show Your Dirty Work

In reality, most projects are ugly and messy. There are piles of half-baked explorations and heated arguments left behind the scenes. That’s why the shipped version of a design can seem obvious in retrospect — you threw out all the confusing stuff along the way! Most of this dirty work ends up in the trash or unseen, and that’s too bad. We should all show our dirty work more often, because it’s documentation of the real work. It explains your thought process and gives critical backstory to the final version.
— Jonas Downey @ Signal Vs. Noise

A Squarespace Site from Scratch

This site was fun to make. Well, fun and frustrating --- telltale signs of a rewarding project, I guess. :) This is my first Squarespace layout. It's based on the design of my first Wordpress theme, Space No.1. It was a great place to start cuz it gave me the chance to compare both CMSs. Okay, I don't compare Wordpress and Squarespace in this video, but if you're curious about developing Squarespace sites of your own from scratch, I share links to resources that were very helpful to me. I still have lots to learn, and I plan to share my progress as I go along. Stay tuned.

If you wanna check out Space No.1 on Squarespace, visit this page, then click Visitor Access and then match the captcha. By the way, if you're a Squarespace designer or developer and have advice to give, please, by all means, I'm all ears. Solicit away!