I thought I'd take a break from my job search updates/whining. Relief...

Norr Film

My pal Vanessa sent me a link to Norr Film (historical feature filmmakers). She thought that I might like the look of their site. She was right! It's a standard Squarespace site so it's simple and clean, and me likey lots. It looks fairly new cuz there's not a lot of content yet, but what makes the site really shine for me are the collages. This one is a historical biopic about the Brontë sisters.


Also, Vanessa had a question about the drop shadows and how they might have been accomplished. In other words, could they have been Photoshopped or were they photographed? I think they might have been photographed. There is a way to create realistic drop shadows by way of warping them, but I think the one in this image was not. I think that the notebook (bottom/middle) was photographed and then the background may have been removed either with the erase tool or via layer masks.

Here are a couple of tutorials if you wanna check them out:

And the Hustle Begins

An email I sent today, to an awesome company in town. I hope it doesn't get thrown in the Spam folder. :) Off-topic: I ordered new biz cards. Wootie woot woot.

Dear Awesome Company,

My name is Kat. I realize it's really weird to contact you out of the blue like this. You don't know me, but I know you, at least I know of you --- you own the coolest shop in town --- you sell awesome clothes for men (and now for women, too). Huge congrats on your new shop on XXX St. So exciting!

I'm writing about your website and blog. I noticed that neither have been updated. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a strong and thriving online/web presence for your business? To start, I can help you update your logo, address, and contact info. 

Anyhow, I'm a web designer, developer, and recovering professional blogger looking for work here in town and I thought it would be great to reach out to you in case you needed help. It would be freakin' awesome to work with you and your company.

If this is something you might consider, please contact me.



Coulda Woulda Shoulda

It was a glorious 15 minute walk from my house. I went on an interview yesterday. It literally was my first since I graduated from college in 2009 (before blogging full time --- which ended months ago). It seemed like the perfect job on screen... local web design agency was hiring a front end web developer and I was qualified. But, I didn't get too lofty about it. It was my first interview and they were the only agency that actually responded to my application, so I felt rather humbled. We spoke for an hour and a half about the company, its history, its team of employees, what to expect on a normal day, CSS, HTML5, PHP, Photoshop, Illustrator, design, the importance of paying attention to the details, the wonder of the web, salary, benefits, and of course my background. I also learned that the company's founders and I hail from the Bay Area. How perfect is that! The talk went so well and I left the interview on Cloud 9, feeling so calm and good and in awe of the timing, and how glad I was to have applied...

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Going Null on Social Media

You see, I’m learning, very (too) slowly at times, that my very best and most important work is not related to how many people I can impact through social media but rather my investments and commitments to the few people in my life that I can impact with maximal effect; those that I have direct and relationally-bound influence. I am making a commitment to go deeper not wider in my life, more long-term returns than quick turn-around reactions and +1’s, “Likes,” or “Retweets” and any other signature for digital kudos... There are times where I really feel like I’ve positioned myself for failure in this world that focuses so much on digital influence, that I might be limiting myself for opportunity and options for my own future... I just have to just trust that life will continue to move forward and that the opportunities that I’m supposed to have will present themselves in new ways. Turning off one (multiple) channel(s) gives me room to experiment with fresh ones.
— John Saddington

I realize that Pugly's social media following was never on the level of John Saddington's reputation, not even close. Still, I became overwhelmed and quit (with the exception of a personal IG account, anyway). I relate with this post, and I totally agree.

Layout Engine

or... linear vs. non-linear blog layouts. This video is a comparison between linear (posts initially published to a WordPress blog) and non-linear blog post layouts (after a migration to Squarespace and manually edited with the Layout Engine). I also discuss why I've minimized my use of Photoshop (tho, hey --- I still have a lotta love for PS).