Katie Soze

I love seeing Pugly Pixel graphics in the wild --- the wild, wild web, that is! These photos were taken by photographer, Katie Soze and she recently re-edited this bunch to include some of PP's graphical elements. Cool! Check Katie Soze's beautiful photography and clever tutorials over here. I hope you had a happy Monday!

Katie used:
dried peony petals
painted impressions

Print Collection @ Society6

I had a lot of fun using these wool fabric brushes to create abstract patterns and shapes. I made more prints and added them to my first collection. So, if you want these prints on your walls, you can have them! They're for sale in my Society 6 shop. :) 

Someday soon, these designs will make their way into hand screen printing. That's gonna be a totally different animal from what I'm used to working with, but I bet it's gonna be fun!!

In the Shop: Wool Fabric Brushes

more examples herehere, and here

Hey guys, here they are --- the wool fabric brushes I've been talking about! There are 33 brush styles with 2 variations (one with a background and one without) for a total of 66 brushes in all. 60 are available for purchase in my shop (divided into 2 separate products here and here) and 6 are free for you to use and play and experiment with. Please be aware that this download is huge and depending on your Internet connection, it may take some time to complete. Please be patient! Also, since these brushes exceed Etsy's file limits, they will only be available in my shop. :(

brushes with backgrounds intact

brushes with backgrounds removed

brush preview

By the way, if you're new to Photoshop, I share all I know about brushes in this 30 minute screencast. I'll show you how to install them, and I'll also go through some exercises on how to use them in your projects. Fun stuff.

Download Options

  • option 1: 30 styles (NO backgrounds) 65.5MB
  • option 2: 30 styles (WITH backgrounds) 106.5MB
  • dimensions: 1000px - @3000px (see preview above)
  • Terms of Use