Going Null on Social Media

You see, I’m learning, very (too) slowly at times, that my very best and most important work is not related to how many people I can impact through social media but rather my investments and commitments to the few people in my life that I can impact with maximal effect; those that I have direct and relationally-bound influence. I am making a commitment to go deeper not wider in my life, more long-term returns than quick turn-around reactions and +1’s, “Likes,” or “Retweets” and any other signature for digital kudos... There are times where I really feel like I’ve positioned myself for failure in this world that focuses so much on digital influence, that I might be limiting myself for opportunity and options for my own future... I just have to just trust that life will continue to move forward and that the opportunities that I’m supposed to have will present themselves in new ways. Turning off one (multiple) channel(s) gives me room to experiment with fresh ones.
— John Saddington

I realize that Pugly's social media following was never on the level of John Saddington's reputation, not even close. If you compare, my social influence was anemic. Still, I became overwhelmed and quit. I relate with this post, and I totally agree.

Layout Engine

or... linear vs. non-linear blog layouts. This video is a comparison between linear (posts initially published to a WordPress blog) and non-linear blog post layouts (after a migration to Squarespace and manually edited with the Layout Engine). I also discuss why I've minimized my use of Photoshop (tho, hey --- I still have a lotta love for PS).

Show Your Dirty Work

In reality, most projects are ugly and messy. There are piles of half-baked explorations and heated arguments left behind the scenes. That’s why the shipped version of a design can seem obvious in retrospect — you threw out all the confusing stuff along the way! Most of this dirty work ends up in the trash or unseen, and that’s too bad. We should all show our dirty work more often, because it’s documentation of the real work. It explains your thought process and gives critical backstory to the final version.
— Jonas Downey @ Signal Vs. Noise