Natural Shadows

Norr Film

My pal Vanessa sent me a link to Norr Film (historical feature filmmakers). She thought that I might like the look of their site. She was right! It's a standard Squarespace site so it's simple and clean, and me likey lots. It looks fairly new cuz there's not a lot of content yet, but what makes the site really shine for me are the collages. This one is a historical biopic about the Brontë sisters.


Also, Vanessa had a question about the drop shadows and how they might have been accomplished. In other words, were the drop shadows Photoshopped or photographed? I vote the latter. There is a way to create realistic drop shadows by way of warping them, but I think the one in this example wasn't manufactured, and that the items with prominent shadows were photographed with the backgrounds removed either with the erase tool or via layer masks. But then again, I wouldn't be surprised if these shadows were in fact created in Photoshop!

Here are a couple of related tutorials to check out: Drop shadows + Layer masks.

A Squarespace Site from Scratch

This site was fun to make. Well, fun and frustrating --- telltale signs of a rewarding project, I guess. :) This is my first Squarespace layout. It's based on the design of my first Wordpress theme, Space No.1. It was a great place to start cuz it gave me the chance to compare both CMSs. Okay, I don't compare Wordpress and Squarespace in this video, but if you're curious about developing Squarespace sites of your own from scratch,  I share links to resources that were very helpful to me. I still have lots to learn, and I plan to share my progress as I go along. Stay tuned.

If you wanna check out Space No.1 on Squarespace, visit this page, then click Visitor Access and then match the captcha. By the way, if you're a Squarespace designer or developer and have advice to give, please, by all means, I'm all ears. Solicit away!

All Good Things

Hey guys, I don't have plans for any "for-pay" tutorial projects any time soon so I closed the Style Screencasts membership feature. Thanks for all you guys who signed up!! Instead of storing the videos in a locked-down attic, I'm sharing them here, and I hope you enjoy them and find them useful! :) I plan to publish future screencasts directly to YouTube, so make sure to subscribe to my channel for updates!



Viewing Options

The eCourses are divided into 14 days more or less. Each day has several videos and I inserted them into their respective posts as playlists (like this one). If you watch the screencasts from your desktop or laptop, the next video in sequence will play automatically, and you can easily skip a screencast (within a lesson) by hitting the forward button in the video controls. However, if you watch the screencasts on your iPad, watch them in landscape mode. Another thing about watching them on your iPad (portrait or landscape) is that the video controls don't show up and oddly enough, the player stops after the first lesson in portrait mode (when there could very well be several videos in queue for a single lesson). 

So, I recommend watching the screencasts from a desktop or laptop. If you wanna watch the screencasts on your iPad, do so in landscape mode. If you watch in portrait mode, you may have to view the screencasts directly on YouTube. You can watch the playlists for each day by clicking the watch on YouTube link at the bottom of each video. 

All the videos are best viewed in HD. Unfortunately, you have to set that manually in the settings section for each player.

Okay, that's all for now! :)

Kaleidoscope Effect


I've been aware of the kaleidoscope effect, but I didn't get it until I saw Berta Pfirsich's feature on Need Supply. Her kaleidoscope photo of Kailey was stunning. Then, shortly after, I began to notice the kaleidoscope effect in other places, like in some fashion spreads photographed by Amanda Leigh Smith and Rebekah Campbell. Very inspiring indeed. So, I bought a kaleidoscope lens attachment in the form of a Holga Filter Wheel, and like a girl gone wildling, I photographed Taco, my lunch, playgrounds, houses, trees, flowers... and did I mention the trees? Well, you get my point --- this lens is so much fun that I ordered a jelly lens attachment for my iPhone, too. I just got it and I'm excited to try it out.

Having a kaleidoscope lens is cool, but if toy lenses aren't your thing, you can reproduce this effect easily in Photoshop, like these roses. I created the effect with Photoshop. Okay, okay... it's the same graphic in different colors, but it was fun to play around with different background colors and blending modes. Also, I'm gonna show you how I made the graphics below. I hope you enjoy it!


Links Loved

I've accumulated some awesome links. Like, these free fashion mags on Issuu, this very interesting discussion, these cool hover tricks, and some really great reads. I realize this is a mishmash of a whole bunch of stuff, but oh well. I hope you enjoy these links and get something out of them.