Layout Engine

or... linear vs. non-linear blog layouts. This video is a comparison between linear (posts initially published to a WordPress blog) and non-linear blog post layouts (after a migration to Squarespace and manually edited with the Layout Engine). I also discuss why I've minimized my use of Photoshop (tho, hey --- I still have a lotta love for PS).

Show Your Dirty Work

In reality, most projects are ugly and messy. There are piles of half-baked explorations and heated arguments left behind the scenes. That’s why the shipped version of a design can seem obvious in retrospect — you threw out all the confusing stuff along the way! Most of this dirty work ends up in the trash or unseen, and that’s too bad. We should all show our dirty work more often, because it’s documentation of the real work. It explains your thought process and gives critical backstory to the final version.
— Jonas Downey @ Signal Vs. Noise