Terms of Use

This page explains what you can and cannot do with Pugly Pixel resources. Please read everything on this page before purchasing the Blog Bling Kits, before purchasing from The Marketplace, or access to the 30-day memberships.

Unless otherwise stated, all images and resources are Copyright Pugly Pixel. The following terms apply to all the downloadable resources and screencasts. You may use the resources in your personal and commercial projects. However, there are limitations to what you may or may not do.

You may

  • Use the resources to decorate your blogs and websites (for personal or business), but do not use the resources to create pre-made blog designs or website templates.
  • Use the resources to create a physical, tangible product (i.e. printed greeting cards).

You may not

  • You may not incorporate any of the resources to be part of any kind of digital download on your blogs or websites, whether free or for sale (i.e. downloadable freebies or blog badges or widgets). This also includes any product that can be delivered via email or any other network (i.e. sneaker-net, intranet, etc).
  • You may not re-sell or re-distribute or re-package the resources as digital downloads. The raw resources may not be uploaded to any other websites.
  • You may not use any of the files (original or modified) to design pre-made web templates or pre-made blog themes.
  • You may not re-sell or re-distribute or re-package the resources as clip art in a cd/book clip art kit.
  • You may not capture video screencasts and re-sell or re-distribute or re-package them, including re-distributing them as uploads or downloads for any web site or torrent.
  • You may not copy any blog page to display on your website. (Use an excerpt if you have to, but please link to the original page – not the actual file.)
  • You may not link directly to a resource zip file because that is totally fucked up, yo. (Link to the original page, not the actual file.)
  • You may not use the resources for any harmful, pornographic, or racist material.

Blogger Themes

You may use the free blog templates for your commercial blogs, but you may not sell them nor build your work upon them (and then sell them) unless you have written permission from me. Additionally, downloading or installing any of the free layouts does not come with support --- please be aware that you are making changes to your blog at your own risk and Pugly Pixel is not responsible for any negative ramifications to your blog.

Wordpress Themes (spaces bykat)

You may create a child theme for the sole purpose of customizing beyond the GUI techniques as shown in the screencasts. However, you may neither share them nor sell them (neither child theme nor the parent theme). Additionally, purchasing access to Spaces does not come with free tech support. Please know that by installing Spaces, you are making changes to your blog at your own risk and that Pugly Pixel is not responsible for any negative ramifications to your site. Also, the parent style.css file may not be altered (if you wanna alter the CSS, create a child theme). Regardless of the CSS additions in the child theme, all the parent's files must remain intact as they are.


Membership is not shareable or transferable. Membership is valid for a single person. You may not provide copies, or any portions thereof, or lend your login and password information to any other person.

Lost Files

Once you download any resource to your computer, you are solely responsible for them. There is no replacement of content that is lost if your computer malfunctions, is stolen, or lost --- no exceptions. You should always back up important software and store it in a safe off-site location from which it can be restored in the event of loss.

No Refunds

Due the digital nature of my products, there are no refunds under any circumstances. I would love to have you as a customer, but please make sure you understand my no-refund policy before signing up.

If you have any questions on the usage, please contact me.

All these formalities aside, I hope you enjoy the resources!

Katrina @ Pugly Pixel