PS Tutorial

PS Tutorial And It Felt Good

PS Tutorial And It Felt Good

It’s been a while since I’ve made a PS tutorial and it felt good to make this one. This curved text tutorial — or rather curvy text — was inspired by one of Saturday’s email promos. I happen to be a customer, and I’ve purchased some jeans and tops. In fact, my slouch jeans have become a part of my daily uniform (yes, I actually bought several pairs in the same style). They have good stuff and so I like to keep in touch. Besides, as a lifelong student of anything related to web and graphic design, I appreciate that their emails are a feast for the eyes and inspire me to learn more. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to display curved text in Photoshop, check out this tutorial. I hope you learn something new. (P.S. Here’s another example.)

Start by creating a new document in Photoshop: File >> New. Also, make sure that both the Layers (Window >> Layers) and Paths Panels (Window >> Paths) are visible. Then, just follow the 2 steps below and make note of those sections to Pause and Observe.

Note #1: After you create the path, observe what happens:

Note #2: After you add your text, observe what happens:

If you want to move your text, select the text layer in the Layers Panel and move it with the Move tool like you normally would.
However, if you want to rotate your text, make sure that the path for the ellipse is NOT selected in the Paths Panel. You can unselect a path by clicking the empty area below the last path layer.
Also, you can create curved text by having the text follow paths you create with the Pen Tool.
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Did you enjoy this tutorial? If so, you might like these, too. If you want more, I have a small, independent study eCourse that goes over some Photoshop basics. Check out the syllabus and watch the first day’s lesson over here. Sound like fun? Just click below to sign up.

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